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Aussie beaches and other travel ideas


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Hi there

Well guys I am very sorry but the best beach by far is Claireville on the north coast of Sydney just up near Palm Beach.

The water is calm and clear the beach is small and usually very quiet. There are the most beautiful homes, amazingly decorated on the beach and you can lie back and imagine they are yours. There is even a little boat that docks and you can wade out and get a coffee or ice cream. The beach is also stunning for kayaks and canoes and you can go right round to Palm Beach or down to Bayview, its amazing.

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HI Springbok.

limited experience but:

Wategos Beach Byron Bay


Whitehaven beach in the Whitsundays


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Hi Springbok,

I have seen an amazing beach on our LSD trip last year and its Arlie Beach in the Whithsundays! It was like a postcard- it was so beautifull. White sand and the water a aqua blue-green colour. Best of all was the palmtrees you can lie under and pretend you are on some exotic Island somewhere!!!

I know that I still have a lot of exploring to do and know that there must be plenty more wonderfull beaches out there just waiting to be "discovered".


From a coldish NZ!! Wens ek kon nou onder my Palmboom lê....!!


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