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E & CJ: Also new...

Estelle Jacobs

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Hi, thanks for an excellent forum. Al the read is very very helpfull!! We are also new to this and it all started for us just 3 weeks ago when my husband was invited to apply for a position (permanent) with his company in Oz. They did the teleconference and came back to us today with an excellent offer. They agreed to arrange for the relocation, visa's, rent etc. We do not know yet what type of visa's and when they want him to be there. They will obviously be able to speed up the process??

His office will be in Moorebank, Sydney and we heard that Menai/Engadine would be safe areas to stay in. Any help on this please? What would we look at in terms of rental? Also, would anybody know about schools in the area? My son attends a special school in SA and we would need to find somewhere for him in Oz?

Sorry for the bombardment - it is just so much in such a short space of time. Is there anybody in Sydney originally from Centurion?



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Hi, welcome, and congratulations, hope everything happens smoothly for you.

For rental properties, go to the following website, type in the name of the suburbs that you are after, and it will bring up rental properties for you.


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