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Debra: hi all


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Hi there

Well we are new to all this and would like to introduce ourselves.

Staying in Gauteng and leaving for Gladstone Queensland soon.

Not really sure what to expect, we have been sponsored and my husband will start working there as soon as all the paper work is A OK.

Going to be looking for housing and high school and as much info abouth the area and the whole process going over on a Temporary long stay visa and will apply for residency when we get there.

Hope there is some one out there that can shead some light.


Debra :ilikeit:

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Hi and welcome! Glad you found us :ilikeit: This forum is a mine of information, so if you are looking for general information, then try the search facility and see what pops up. If you have a particular question, then just post it - the members here tend to be a helpful bunch :huh:

Good luck with the visa and looking forward to seeing you around some more



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Guest Jules

Hi Debra,

Welcome to the forum! Danie is in Gladstone so I'm sure he would be able to answer any questions you have specific to that region.

Good luck with the move.

Julie :ilikeit:

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Hey Debra,

Welcome. My family and I have experienced Perth and Adelaide and I can only tell you that these two places are amazing. I am sure you are going to love living in Australia. It might get difficult at some times but other than that its a marvelous experience.

Hope you find all the answers you are looking for.

Kind regards


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