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Just before we left for Australia, I took my daughter to the Voortrekker Monument as I knew that it would most likely be the only time she'll see it in person. It is as much part of her history & past, as it is mine and as it was the Voortrekkers'. I thought she should see & experience it and I'm very glad we made the effort. While you are still in South Africa, and in the effort to "get out", you don't really treasure all those places & moments which is part of who you are - until you live in Australia and realise you should have..... :) If you have the time, visit at least one monument/museum of significance before you leave. B)

Very nice pics Christelle!! :o

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Hi Larry

My family are still in south Africa they usually send me some pics of places in sa.

Hi Riekie

I agree with you people should go around places in south Africa before they come ,we also visited the Kruger national park and just places we really knew we'll miss. I made it a trip to say good buy ,immigration is a big emotional thing and I believe people should prepare themselves for big changes in their lives.

thanks for the link for Maitland.

have a great one

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We did a similar thing just before we left. In fact we stayed the last month in a furnished apartment (while our furniture were in transit), on top of Lukasrand, Pretoria, overlooking the valley. The Jakarandas were in blossom. Must admit it was nostalgic returning after 20 years to that part of Pta.

We also visited Sophia Town, Mandela Museum and Fortsburg in Johannesburg. We then took a change driving through the lower end of Johannesburg central and Hillbrow just to confirm our reasons for leaving.

For myself being here now 14 months and never wished to be back one moment!

We count our blessings daily!!

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