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Any part time jobs in Perth???


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I am looking for part time, flexitime, jobshare, work from home etc etc jobs anywhere in Perth. I have sent off about 17 cvs in the last 2 weeks, and have registered at a number of websites, but have had no luck whatsoever.

My background is in communications/writing/PR/etc, but to be honest, I'd do pretty much anything. I've applied for everything from reception/secretarial jobs to senior management level.

I am worried about working full time because then I'd have to find daycare and afterschool care for my daughters, which means additional costs. But if the right job came along, I'd be willing to consider it.

But I really would prefer something a little more flexible.

Anyone know of anything????

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Guest colton

Desert Daisy,

Sorry can't help you out but have you considered looking at jobs you wouldn't normally consider? I am a teacher by trade but didn't want to go back into teaching, my family also don't particularly want me to go back to work full time. I applied for a part time position as a packer in a bakery warehouse and am absolutely loving it! :lol:

I can choose the shifts I want to work and how many I would like to do. I chose the night shift because the hours suit me as I can still be there for kids sport etc. I work 8pm till 2am and get $24 per hour. At the moment I am only working 4 nights a week, Mon - Thurs, but making good money. :ilikeit: It is fast paced and we have a great group of girls, all australian, 8 of us in total. The music blares and we run around like crazy but the time flys and I no longer need the gymn work outs. :)

People have asked me why do something like this, I am obviously over qualified, but I am having so much fun. It is really different and I would definitely recommend it. Especially if you can choose how many nights etc. Happy Hunting.

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Thanks. I have considered doing something different - but the only one that suits my time options is picking mushrooms! My problem is that my dh works shifts, so as much as night work would be an option, I am not always able to because my dh is not home to look after my girls, who are young (one 7 and one 3). I've even considered working in a fast food place as they have lots of jobs going at the moment, but again, my childcare options are a problem. I'm trying to get fit, so one of my other options is doing junk mail deliveries in the mornings, which I can take my little one with in her push-tricycle.

I went to the Jobs Expo today at the National Exhibition Centre (should have taken the train, there was zero parking), but it was full of school kids, and I think kids and uni students was the primary focus, because there was very that worked for me.

I wont give up, but if anyone does here of anything, please let me know.

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