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Seeking Test Analysts with Australian work permit, for 2 contract and 1 permanent positions, for a multi-national South African-based IT specialist company - at the Melbourne offices. On my team there are 3 South Africans and we'd love to have more join us. We cannot provide Australian work permits, so if you are already in possession of such, please PM me with your email address and we'll arrange to get your CV submitted.

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Good news all!

Sparrow responded to my post and subsequently came in for an interview, and then was offered & accepted the permanent Test Analyst position.

Congratulations Sparrow! :blink:

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Hi all,

I am getting some PMs from people not interested in Test Analyst positions, but asking for other IT work or even non-IT work.

Firstly, I can only assist on the Test Analyst side of life, as that's where I have a say. I am not HR, I am in testing. So I'm sorry, I cannot help outside of testing at this time.

Secondly, let me me assure you: there is plenty of work in Melbourne. I recently spent two years in Pretoria from 2004 to 2006, and I know how hard it was to get work there - it took me 7 months to get a decent job. It's a VERY different scene here in Melbourne. It's really easy to get work, and get good work. I had my first job interview within 2 days of landing, and was offered the job the same day, and then started 2 days later. 9 months later I was head-hunted for another position, which is my current. This is for a company I've always wanted to work for, a complete dream come true.

So guys, relax, you'll get work here. Just register with the personnel agencies, read the newspapers & forums & placements websites (including their hints & tips), then apply some elbow-grease, and you'll be fine!

Best of luck.


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