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Neel & Jo: Hey There

Neel & Jo

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Hi there Guys 'n Gals

My wife and I have just recently joinded this forum, and just want to say Hi.

We have our visa to Australia approved, and we are flying on the 16th May from

JHB Int.

We are obviously very new to this, and found the forums a great deal of help !!

thanks a hellva lot ! ;)

We are busy selling the house, cars, and whatever is around...lol

Also trying to sort out Bank accounts on that side, etc etc...

Hope to at least try a make the move a smooth one....:0)

Hoping to Chat more and learn from all of you.


Joanne / Neel

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Where in Australia are you plannig on settling?

Hope the move is "smooth" ;)


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Well done!!

All very exciting and daunting at the same time. Just remeber you are not the first peole to do this. This forum is great. It really does have everything you need. I f you cannot find it, ask!!

Australian websites are great and very comprehensive!!

Good Luck!


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Heya, Ried and the Parsons Family,

Thanks for the welcome.

We are going to be in Melbourne for about 3 weeks, for training.

The company said we will be settled in Queenslad..somewhere.

We were given a choice of inland or along the coast, we chose the coast...lol :ilikeit:

but we are not sure yet what they are going to give us...

I have some question about taxes and stuff, I will search the appropriate forum and post it there.

Thanks all

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We also couldn't resist living at the coast :ilikeit::)

Good luck, shout if you need help :lol:

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