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Looking for some suggestions please.

Would like to take the tent (and maybe the canoe) out for good friday but need to be back late saturday evening (in time for the rugby finals on sunday) so somewhere not too far.

We are south of Adelaide, recently we've done Cudlee Creek and Goolwa so want somewhere different but say within 90 minutes drive seen as its just for one night.

Thanks in advance

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hi there, I also have a question about camping... if we come for LSD trip - are there caravans around for renting? We have keep costs as low as possible, but would prefer camping to hostels. Its only in next year probably, but would be nice to know.

Even if there is anybody in the area willing to rent out an old caravan just standing in the backyard.

thx :ilikeit:


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If you shot thro' on thursday evening to Deep Creek Conservation Park, you could stay over the thursday, friday and saturday nights, packing up early on Sunday to get back on time.

If just a couple of days, you could trek off to Mambray Creek, past Port Pirie for a couple of days.

Further afield are the Grampians Nat Park in western Victoria, Lower Glenelg Nat Park just over the border of Sth Australia into Victoria along the south east coastline, Flinders Ranges Nat Park about 600 kms north of Adelaide, but well worth the trip.

I wouldn't rent a caravan in Australia. I'd just take / buy a tent and a few basic bits and pieces and go around Australia on the cheap that way. You can survive quite well if the weather's kind to you that way.

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Thanks Bob - but we can only leave Friday morning and need to be back for for 8am sunday so guess we won't be going far

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almost all of the bigger family camping sites have caravans for rent, but they are quite expensive. Certainly a lot more expensive than hostelling. :ilikeit:

Oh - I've just realised, do you mean a caravan to pull around the place and park for the night? Not a stationery one? Not sure about that, but I can find out for you. :ilikeit:

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