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My husband has to be in Melbourne for training next week and since I am not working yet I will accompany him. Any ideas on what the must see attractions are around Melbourne. Also what is the best way to get around (buses, trains, trams??)

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Hi Michelle

They have a very good tram system that will get you within walking distance of basically anywhere you'd like to go in the city. You can buy a day pass, not too expensive, which allows you unlimited rides. There's also an "historical" tram that goes around the city with commentary given on all the sites of interest, which is FREE for all. They sometimes have discount vouchers here for entry to some of the sites (like the aquarium for instance), so do this trip first if you would want to do it anyway. We went on it last and could have gotten a 25% discount on entry to the aquarium! :wacko:

You'd think an aquarium is an aquarium, but they've got one very nice feature, which was worth the entry fee for me on its own: a huge walk-through tank filled with many huge fish like sharks etc. You walk through a glass tunnel and all around you (above, below, on the sides, everywhere) is just "ocean" - truly amazing! :ilikeit:

If you make your way to the Observatory Deck (if I remember its name correctly), which is not too far from the aquarium (walking distance) you have amazing panoramic view of the city - stunning!

St. Kilda area (where most of the hotels are situated anyway) has a very nice flea market on Sundays on the beachfront and also very nice restaurants, etc. - nice vibe. Lunar Park (an amusement park, same "brand" as in Sydney) is also situated there.

That's all I can think of at the moment - will let you know if I remember anything else.

Janine. :ph34r:

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Thanks Janine for taking the time to give me so many ideas on what to see. I will add all these to my list. I can't wait!!:ilikeit:

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Hi Michelle

I'f you're into Cricket you MUST go to MCG (do the tour if possible), also the market and the botanical gardens are well worth a visit. I don't know if you've a day to spare, but a trip to Philip Island to see the fairy penguins is fantastic. The shopping (if you have any spare lolly) is also tremendous in Melbourne.

On my first visit there I cried when we left as a I was so sad at leaving - I thought I may never see the city again! I hope you love it as much as I do


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Guest Larry

The "Observatory Deck" that Michelle is referring to is near the top of the Rialto Tower. - Well worth a visit.

A few other ideas:-

The Botanical Gardens, just south of the Yarra River are always good for a stroll.

Go for a guided tour of the MCG (Melbourne Cricket Ground).

Near to the MCG are the Fitzroy Gardens. Captain Cook's old family home was dismantled stone by stone, shipped out to Australia and reassembled in the Fitzroy Gardens.

Catch the suburban train (the MET) from Flinders Street station to Belgrave in the Dandenong Ranges and go for a ride on the Puffing Billy restored steam train.

Unfortunately my favourites for taking overseas visitors around (I lived in Melbourne for 12 years) require a car. :D These are the Healesville Animal Sanctuary, which is about 60km east of Melbourne, the wineries of the Yarra Valley, near Healesville and the wineries and beaches of the Mornington Peninsula, where I used to live.

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Michelle, the Dandenong ranges area is well worth seeing if you take the train from Flinders station to Belgrave as Larry suggests. There is an Aboriginal garden and two other huge gardens worth seeing especially in winter when it had some good rain.

Other nice places to visit in Melbourne central business district are:

Queen Victoria market

The Melbourne Botanical gardens

The colonial tram restaurant http://www.tramrestaurant.com.au/ (Pricey but worth it!)

The free city circle tram


There are also some very nice old Victorian shopping centres in Collins street

Burke street if you're into shopping

Take the tram to St Kilda beach and see Luna park and stroll through Acland street (try the delicacies!), see the penquins at St. Kilda pier and stroll on the esplanade (there is a market on Sundays)

Visit Lygon street at night for a taste of Italian cuisine

Another thing worth seeing now that the Commonwealth Games are on in Melbourne is the sights at Southbank on the Yarra river at night. They've got a watershow on every hour.

Visit the information centre at the corner of Flinders and St Kilda road opposite Flinders street station. There will be plenty of information centres around Melbourne and friendly staff to help you choose. Enjoy Melbourne!

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So much to do so little time. thanks all that will keep me occupied!!!! Will let you know how it was!

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