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Hi everyone

I recieved my PR visa about 4 years ago but due to better job opportunities and and well im still in Cape Town but planning to leave around May.... Im working as an Area manager City Parks for the local council and I am qualified as an Horticulturist.

Im planning to settle in Brisbane, is there anyone that can give me some pointers as how to secure a position in the horticultural field. Im also concidering byung a UTE with the nessasary equipment do do garden maintenence from day one as plan B. :whome:


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Since you have already worked at a council try that route in Oz. Councils here don't cover as wide an area as in South Africa so within Brisbane city and suburbs there will be a numbers of different councils all with horticulture staff. There may just be a vacancy then look at landscaping type companies often linked with new development areas. dont overlook roles with the state government too. Also check out on seek to see what companies are in your field even if not quite the same type of role and ask them about opportunities.

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If I was you, I would get myself a interim job at any of the huge number of garden services around Brisbane. This way you get your foot in the door of the industry while job hunting, you get $$$ coming in, you get the all important Aus experience and you can see how they do things over here. Google garden services, compile a list of companies and make contact just before you arrive. Our lawn guys have two people mowing and one person with the wipper snipper ( weed eater) and the blower afterwards. They are done in 15mins. Things work very different here ;)

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