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How to make my visa validation trip worthwhile


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Hi there

I will be making this trip next month. I got a sponsorship from ACT so I will be spending 1 week in Canberra. While the intention is only to do the big move in 2016, I want to do some of the leg work now.

My thoughts are to:

open bank accounts (the thought is to open 2 accounts and just transfer money between them over the internet to keep them active.....let me have your thoughts on this. and maybe every few months do a transfer from here in SA)

My thought is to visit a few surburbs and schools in that week (Chapman; Weston; Aranda; Amaroo; Gungahlin and Torrens). Anyone knows what Redhill is like? as i am keen on the montessori school there. However let me have your thought on what you think are the better primary schools to check out.

A lot of people say North is Best..........please tell me why?

So apart from the above do you have any further advice on whatelse I can and should be doing on this trip?

I was thinking of maybe popping into a few employment agencies, but i dont know if it's too soon as i only plan to come down under in 2016.

Let me have your thoughts on the above...thanks.

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Redhill was my first choice too, purely based on their very good Naplan scores, its a very good school. but the area is super expensive

the other school I think is a super school is Amaroo. Visit them when you are there

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some much can change this 3 - 4 years ... not sure if it worth looking at school ... come for a holiday open a bank and take a drive .... try and get to know Canberra a little better...

Toitjie .... you are right Red Hill is out reach for most immigrants .... Try Gungahlin .... nice and knew .... but then by the time you move here so will Mholongo be .... I sure that there are many post in the Canberra, ACT section with all the info you need on the suburbs and schools ...

Just come and have fun and don't stress....

Canberra things to do and see


Canberra Events


Information about Canberra and Surrounds


Canberra Attractions


Community Events


What’s on in Canberra


ACT Communities online


Gungahlin Services


Community events


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Hi Usha,

I am not sure that the North is best however north and south r very different. U kinda have to choose which is best for you. North is newer. Houses more modern but plots are a lot smaller, surprisingly smaller. However saying that there r some bigger plots in Amaroo. There are also more South Africans living in the North. We live in the North - Forde. We love it here as it has a series of ponds which is great for riding bikes round in the evening. The South however is more establish so you have lovely big trees and bigger plots. Houses are smaller and older. Red hill is very expensive! We love the North but have friends in the South who love where they r and would not dream of moving North.

To be honest we did the same as you, we looked at schools and worked from there.

There are a lot of great schools.

Private schools like Brindabella Christian collage and Emmaus are well recognised.

My girls go to the Good Shepherd in Amaroo. It is a catholic school but we r not catholic and that is ok here as long as you want a Christian education for them.

Amaroo does have a good rep, it is a huge school though and u need to be in the catchment area.

We choose the good shepherd as we could secure them a place before we arrived. As it is semi private the school fees are reasonable, around $3 500 a year for one child and $4 500 for two.

There are a lot of good schools though that I know very little about.

My fav areas in the North are Forde, Amaroo and Nichols. But that is mine and hubby's favourite I am sure there are lots of different opinions. South??? I am not sure. My friend lives in Kambah but I know very little about it.


This website compares schools here.

All homes is a great place to look at properties.

Good luck


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And Gungahlin now has NBN (lucky bleeders, lucky bleeders).

Not Palmerston, though. :angry2:

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I would take Keglins advice on looking for schools that you like. And from there - where I would live - making sure it was in the catchment area. I am not a fan of public schooling in the ACT - especially high school. But thats just my opinion.

For me, North or South makes no difference really. Much of a muchness. Infrastructure the same, except as OBD says some areas north have the new NBN - but this doesnt affect my life. Canberra is very easy to get around.

2016 is a long way away - this is an election year and things in Canberra will change if Tony takes over -

So come and see and enjoy our wonderful city, its a great place to live.

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