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Hi all

We will be moving to Adelaide from Canberra in the coming weeks. Only been in oz 6 mths so still getting the hang of it all, but loving it.

Been looking at schools and affordable houses close to hubby's work (Clarence Gardens). Any suggestions for where a young family should look at settling? Eldest just started school today!

I've been looking at Mount Barker as the prices and houses look good. Anybody got kids going to the local school? I was ideally looking for an IB curriculum though.

Looking forward to your suggestions and advice. Can't wait to be near the sea and vineyards again :)

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Welcome to the forum :)

We were in a similar position to you about 4 months ago when we moved to Adelaide. It work in Unley, which is just south of the city and very close to your hubby’s work in Clarence Gardens.

We looked all over Adelaide.. north, south, east, west… and finally decided to settle in Pasadena. It kinda made sense to stay south if my work was in the south. It wouldn’t make sense to live in the north and fight our way through traffic (my personal opinion).

Its great being 9kms from my office. I cycle to work everyday (20mins) and if I need to take the car, its only about a 10-15min drive. Coming from Sydney, it has made a huge difference to my family and personal life reducing my travel hours from 3.5 hours a day (in Sydney) to about 45mins a day (in Adelaide - cycling).

My stepson got into Unley primary, which is supposed to be a good school. This is a zoned school, but because I work in Unley (and didn’t have a residential address in Adelaide when we applied, as we were still in Sydney), we got him into Unley primary. By default, my two kids (2.5 years and 3 months) will be allowed attend the school too.

We are also looking at a few private/ semi private schools in the area, which are very reasonably price (between $2-3k a year)

A bit more about where we stay in the South… as mentioned we are about 10-15mins drive into the city, 5mins away from Westfield Marion Shopping Centre, 5 mins away from the new SA Aquatic Centre (which we belong to with great facilities for adults and kids such as gyms, steam rooms, saunas, heated pools, Olympic pools, diving boards, swimming lessons, creche and heaps more), about 7-10mins from the beach (we often cycle there) and about 25mins from the McLaren Vale wine region.

Feel free to PM for more info.



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Hey Robbie

Thanks for the reply! The South is looking good with all those amenities, will definitely concentrate our search out there a bit more. Not interested in the North as the traffic would be a nightmare as you said.

Can I ask, who did you use for your interstate move? We are looking at the bunch we brought us over from Dubai where we were, but I'm sure there are less expensive movers about who are just as good.

Will PM tonight with possible more Q's.

Thanks heaps!



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Hi Amelia

Nothing wrong with Unley Primary School - good..:) Unley one of the more affluent suburbs in Adelaide.

Research, Hawthorn and Mitcham and the surrounding suburbs. Mitcham Primary also has good reputation - closer to Clarence Gardens than Pasadena.

We lived in Urrbrae (just up Cross Road) for many years and it is a very pleasant area to live in :):).......and not far from Burnside Village :):)



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We have used Allied Pickfords to move us from the RSA and more recently used Kent removals to move interstate.........:)

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