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Hi there

I'm a final year medical student in SA and I'm trying to get over to Oz asap!

Can anyone give me any info about internships etc in Oz. I understand I have to be registered with the AMC but am not sure if I can work in Oz without first doing my internship here.

Also am not sure in what order to do thigs - should I apply for PR or just a visa?




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Hi there,

I would recommend a couple of hours on the Department of Immigration and Citizenhip website (www.immi.gov.au) as the best place to start. It is comprehensive and also deals specifically with medical personnel.



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HI Christine

As ajay says spend some time on the gov website for info - but PR (permanent residency) is a 136 visa....

Once you've done some reading, post your questions cause it might be easier to guide you that way...

Good luck and shout if anything doesn't make sense

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