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Hi everyone!

We currently have three vacancies within our business.

  • 6 month Property Consultant contractor (maternity relief).
  • Application Support Analyst.
  • 12 month Human Resources Manager contractor (maternity relief).

I work in the telco industry. If you are interested or want more information on these jobs please PM me.

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Hi there

Im in the telco industry in South Africa.

Will the company that you work for be interrested to sponser.

Can i send you my CV?

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I would like to discuss the property consultant position. You can email me at sbeb@lantic.net to discuss further. I am in Aus as a permanent resident, so no Visa worries.


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Dear Haymanse,

I write to you regarding the property consultant position.

My name is Clayton Tomson, and I have just arrived in Brisbane from Durban on a full PARTNER (MIGRANT) (Class BC) PARTNER (Subclass 100) visa.

I have come to Brisbane after having gained extensive experience in both the corporate and NGO sectors, servicing government departments. I am now looking for a career in environmental governance but am looking to enter the Australian employment market in any way I can.

Should the consultant position still be available I would be very grateful if you would consider my Resume (attached), and if possible send through any supporting information around the position.

I am very eager to explore any potential employment opportunities and am excited to hear of a fellow South African offering opportunities.

I thank you in advance for your consideration and hope that we can make contact soon to discuss this, or any other opportunities you may be aware of.

Warm regards,

Clayton Tomson

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Clayton. Thanks for all your personal information.

The attachment is excellent. You sure you might not want to post your banking details online as well while you at it.

Chap you need to take care what you share on the Internet.

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