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Botox - yea and nay's


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I need some advice on botox injections. In South Africa, my psychiatrist used to give me botox injections into my jaw muscles. I get severe spasms in the jaw and the botox really helped. When I mentioned to my GP here in Oz that the psychiatrist was giving botox (she only did for medical purposes never did cosmetic botox) he said that he had never heard of psychiatrists doing that (it was fairly new in RSA too).

So the botox is wearing off, my jaw is hurting and I'm considering whether or not to get botox again. And I have a couple of questions:

1. Who do you allow to give you botox? I don't want to go to the beauty shop around the corner as this has to be a very specialised procedure otherwise, too much botox and I will drool for a couple of months?

2. Does anyone know of psychiatrists in Oz that are giving botox for medical reasons? Anywhere in Oz is fine. I can always call them for a referral in my area.

3. Do I need a referal from my GP to got to a specialist for the botox?

4. How much will it cost me per unit? The medical aid in RSA didn't pay for it, so I guess Medicare will assume I'm a crazy woman that doesn't want wrinkles on her jaw......

Any other feedback about botox? Good or bad. Both will be appreciated.


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It sounds as if you have Temporomandubular Joint Dysfunction (TMJ). I think it is mostly specialised dentists or orthodontists who use Botox to treat this. I did manage to find this clinic in Brisbane, perhaps you can give them a call for more information. http://www.cosmeticimageclinics.com.au/our-treatments/non-surgical/temporomandibular-joint-dysfunction/

Perhaps your Dr meant that it was unusual for a psychiatrist to do it. Just my take, but Dr's etc in RSA seemed to be able to do more than they can here, everything seems to be more specialised here.

Good luck, I hope you get some relief.

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I know that some neurologists use botox to treat muscular tone problems. you could ask a neurologist?

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Dalk moet jy vir Dr. Bosch in Strathpine gaan sien - hy sal jou kan verwys en raadgee, en die Dokter wat saam met hom praktiseer doen Botox (|kan net nie sy naam onthou nie). Maar jy kan die spreekkamer skakel en hulle sal jou kan help: 38813095. Ek dink die eenhede is omtrent so $17 per eenheid.

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Dankie baie! As my kakebeen inkonk sal ek gaan. Probeer nog geld spaar sover ek kan. Sy het gewoonlik 20 units altwee kante gedoen. My wiskunde is nie goed nie, maar my kop se vir my dit gaan my 'n halwe fortuin kos....

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Botox is so $18 per unit af na $10 op 'n sliding scale. Vir net 40 units gaan jy nie vêr af op die sliding scale kom nie. As jy dit vir mediese redes kry mag Medicare of jou fonds dalk daarvan betaal. Beste begin plek is jou GP - laat hy jou verwys. As jy het direk gaan sal jy niks kan terugeis nie, al is dit vir mediese redes.

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