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Multiple sclerosis


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I just want to enquire from you guys what the impact of a chronic decease is on the PR process? I've been diagnosed with ms in 2006. I'm using betaferon as chronic medicine since 2008. I have a very clean relapse record - maybe one relapse every 2 years.

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Ek het hier iets van n medical waiver form gelees.

Soek (heel bo regs op jou foon, druk op die blokkie met die 4 blokkies in) op die forum vir 'fail medical' can kry jy goete wat die waiver mention.

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Hi GingerMary

Not sure of the impact that will have on your application. They usually look at the cost to state for long term care, as far as I know.

You would need to declare this at the medical and you would need to bring along a letter from your treating doctor to state what treatment you are on, the relapse history, compliance etc.

People on this site suggest going through an agent to make the application when it comes to complications such as this. You may also want to pre-empt them by stating that you are prepared to pay for private medical (as they may require you to do this anyway.

Best of luck

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