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Graphic designer from Cape Town


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Dear Everyone

Seasons greetings!

My name is Jo. I’m a graphic designer and currently reside in the Cape Town area. I’m hoping to migrate via 457.

Being a particular newbie I need some serious advice from the Vetassess and 457 specialists.

Quick background: I don’t have a tertiary design education but have at least eight yrs solid experience (which according to http://www.immi.gov....ic-designer.htm will suffice).

My problem is that I’m also married to a senior graphic designer (he’s worked on various corporate accounts at Ogilvy and FCB etc) and so all my work was via his contacts in terms of outsource, overflow and freelance.

Basically I’ve been self-employed, with my work station at home.

The question then is how Vetassess will approve these skills and experience? I can provide letters from past and current customers, detailed case studies,

detailed CV and evidence of a credible portfolio of work that is currently in the public arena (as we speak) but surely they will need more?

Happy holidays


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Hi Jo and welcome to the forum. I don't really advocate the use of agents because generally if you have a straight forward case and no funnies with work or medical conditions then you would be able to go it solo. However given the situation of not having formal qualifications and being "self-employed" I would suggest that to save yourself a lot of pain and time that you should maybe contact SD_MOA here on the forum and get his advice. He is a migration agent with offices in Australia and Cape Town and comes highly recommended here on the forum.

Good luck with the rest of the process and if you haven't already started doing it, start gathering things like un-abridged birth and marriage certificates and maybe also look at booking your IELTS so long (but I would get hold of SD_MOA and see what he says).

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Hi HEJuJu, thanks for the SD_MOA ref, will follow it up! Have got birth and marriage docs already, IELTS to follow.

Merry Xmas..

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