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We've DONE IT !


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We have done it .... We are in Australia and progressing ....

We landed last week Tuesday around Midnight, in Melbourne. We made it to our friend's place in Berwick in the early hours of Wednesday morning.

We have been really blessed to have have such an awesome 'landing pad' in a new country, with support in the form of a comfy place to sleep, nibbles and lots of advice ....

As of today we have managed to buy a new car for my wife, arranged my daughter's school, the required uniform and other bits and bobs, registered with Medicare, and as of this afternoon, secured a rental property in Cranbourne North, in an almost new home.

Tomorrow we go shopping to get some appliances and other items to keep us going in our new place until our container arrives.

I have also managed to test out the Medicare system as I was admitted through casualty the other day with some complications ... but I survived to tell the tale :-) apart from the wait, the treatment was extremely thorough and professional .... and free :-)

All in all it has been a period of turmoil, panic, stress and achievement .... now we can start to slow down a bit.... well sort of.


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Hey ZAGremlin, congratulations and good luck. :ilikeit: :ilikeit: :ilikeit:

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Excellent to hear that the trip was so successful - keep posting to let us know how things are going. Good Luck!

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Our container is in the docks ... the ship arrived early this morning ... WHOOOO HOOOOO !!!!

I was able track it right into the harbor..see pic .


Now we can get on with it .....

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