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Climbing the corporate ladder in Australia


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Was chatting to a recruitment consultant the other day and he told me that at the company he recruits for (a big mining company from the UK), if you are qualified and willing to work hard you can expect a "jump" to the next level on the corporate ladder more or less every 18-24 months. That is now if you are flexible with regards to moving around.

Can I hear from people on the forum currently working in Australia who are qualified in their professions (for example engineers, accountants). What is your take on this? Do you feel Australia provide enough opportunities in order climb the corporate ladder in a reasonable time (maybe every 5 years)?

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Yes, definitely. If you are ready for the next level, you will get promoted up.

I started on the equivalent level that I had been in South Africa (senior) and despite the 2008 major downturn, retrenchments, faltering market etc, as soon as the company was in a position to approve the business case for putting me up to an associate director, they did. (It happened 18 months after I started).

Of course, they don't put you up 'just because' - its on merit. If you have the skills etc to be promoted, it will happen. If not, then you will stay where you are.

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