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Prospective spouses visa

g cant wait

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Hi all Forumites,

Has anybody knowledge of the prospective spouses visa and how it works?

Our son has to leave his beloved girlfriend behind next year Jan after our move to Oz and is asking what the prospects would be if he eventually takes the relationship to the next level.

It would be just to know what the options are?

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From my understanding your son will need to be an Australian permenant resident when they apply. Also they cannot be in Australia when they apply as its an offshore visa. Once approved then she can enter and marry him within a certain period.

The spouse visa will probably be easier but they will need to marry first or depending which state youre moving to register their relashonship. This one you can apply for from here or there but they will need to be living together and in an ongoing relashonship.

hope that helps and maybe others have more info :)


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Take a look at this link for the general details http://www.immi.gov.au/migrants/partners/prospective/300/how-to-apply.htm

there is a section on eligibility for the sponsor and the partner

plus there is a booklet you can download.

Another thing to do is for them to start collecting evidence of their relationship (see the booklet for the types of things looked at).

Including evidence of how often they maintain contact (phone bills, email, skype calls, etc) once they are apart.

They would preferably both be over 18, the visa would be valid for 9 months based on their aim to get married within that time.

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Thanks a stack for the info, I will check the site later

" the visa would be valid for 9 months based on their aim to get married within that time."

What do you mean by within that time. Are vyou saying that once the visa is granted, they have 9 months to get married?

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The basis upon which the visa is granted is that they state that it is their intention to get married.

The visa is valid for 9 months, by the end of that time it is expected that they will either have got married, and subsequently applied for a spouse visa, otherwise the visa holder is expected to leave before the end of that 9 months. The visa cannot be extended.

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