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Hi all

My wife Sandy and myself arrived in Perth on the 24th Feb 2007. We did not have an opportunity to visit before so everything is very new to us. My wife managed a transfer with her company so we are on an employer sponsored 457 visa. I fortunately have no limitations on the visa so I am currently looking for employment. Perth is a beautiful city so I wish I had more time to do the tourist thing!

Looking forward to the interaction on the forum and to hopefully meeting some of you in the near future.

We are currently staying with Sandy's brother and sister in law in Bull Creek but are looking for a rental at present.

Speak soon

Derek & Sandy

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Congrats on your wife's transfer. Good luck I hope you find a job soon :ilikeit:

We too have never been in Aus and are not going on a LSD trip, so I'm quite interested on how it was for you. What surprised you and what should we know.

Welcome to the forum :D

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Hi Michelle

Do you know which part of OZ you will be going to as yet, as this country is so big that I'm sure my experiences will differ greatly from somebody in Queensland for example?

I will compile something and post it shortly.

Thanx for the welcome!

See ya later ( a standard goodbye)


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Hi Derek and Sandy

I am glad to hear you are enjoying Perth. We have been here for 4 months and still pinch ourselves everyday.

Gaille & Lawrence

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Hi Derek

Well done on your move, hope you find a nice job soon.

We also hope to settle in Perth/SWest of WA, so would be interested to hear about your experience. :D

Take care - and see ya later ;)


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Hi Derek and Sandy :D

Welcome, hope you are settled in. What line of work are you in? We might be able to assist you.

We have been here in Perth already 15 months, loving it to bits!!!

Thomas, Mel, Jazz

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Hi Guy's

Thanks for the welcome!

I am an IT project Manager and worked for Telkom SA for 20 odd years. I have sent my Cv to various agencies and applied for a whole lot of jobs without success. Even looking in the classifieds for temp type work so any assistance will really be appreciated.



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