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hairdressing in Aus?


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My wife finished her training requirements to be a Hairdresser in South Africa and still needs to do the Trade Test. Unfortunately this trade test could not happen this year because of unknown reasons.(incompetence of people that's suppose to organize this, in my opinion)

She already have more than the required practical hours, and graduated from the school/collage with NQF level 2-4. My question: Will it be a big problem to "convert" her qualification to the Australian equivalent? and will it be a problem not having done the trade Test? will she be able to work or find work as a hairdresser? (secondary applicant on a 457visa)


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For various reasons (think wild child) I never did my trade test, but I did my two full years at college ('92 &'93) and did my whole apprenticeship and worked full time for the next 15 years. So, Aus has no issues with no trade test. There is a minimum years work experience if you dont have that paper. As for work, go on SEEK.com.au, there is plenty of work out there. Bargain to earn about $19 per hour basic. Hopefully there will be a attainable commision structure, sadly no tips to be had in Aus. It will be easier if she did the tade test in RSA, less complicated.

She can work as much as she wants on your 457 visa.

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