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From "Stalker" to Member - introduction


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Hello everyone,

I heard about this forum from a friend of mine who has successfully obtained her visa rather recently and have been "stalking" the goings on for a few weeks to see whether I wanted to become a member.

I am happy to say that I have and am SO glad because it has made me realize that there are many people out there who are in the same position as my husband and I.

Short background:

We thought about Oz as a real option for I migration in 2006 and made the steps to hire ourselves a

well recommended agent in 2007. It was recommended that we go the family sponsored route as this was the "simplest" and quickest entry route. As anyone who has lodged a visa would know, the task of getting paperwork, assessments, IELTS results and coming up with the required moola etc is a lengthy process and so we lodged our visa application on 11 July 2008 (we were never in a huge hurry to submit as we

had been informed that our visa would be granted within 18 months) ... That was 4 years 3 months ago.

I have seen many people who were unsure of whether they wanted to leave RSA and who's agents were unsure of their eligibility immigrate and sometimes sit back and wonder "why not us" but I have come to realize that perhaps the last 4 years haven't been "our time".

As the granting of visas in Priority Group 5 is completely unknown we are making plans to start finding a work sponsored entry - which is a whole new ball game!

You're only a loser when you give up fighting for what you want!

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Are you serious? You have lodged your application and have been waiting for over 4 years? No ways! that must be some kind of record. and you went through an agent?

Welcome by the way!

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Yip, no word of a lie! And used an agent

Lodged on 11 July 2008, received our reference number from DIAC and now we wait :-(.

No one seems to be able to give us any indication of where we are in the queue of applications and the most "positive" information we've received from the said agency is that "having the EOI system now being implemented we could possibly be processed in the near future". Which to me means absolutely zilch?!

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Hey Minks.

Welcome to the forum and good luck with the rest of the journey. I guess I can't complain about our 8 months now.

You didn't by any chance use ASA Migration Agents did you. @Jordy - if they did then that explains the long wait.

Hope you win the sponsorship lotto. If you can consider going the skilled independent route it may just work out faster for you.

Remember - failure is not the end, it's the beginning of a new opportunity to achieve the same goals, using different methods.

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@HadEnoughOfJuju - no we used (or I suppose I should say are still using) Hitchcock & Associates as our agents.

Am too nervous to change any details on the application for fear of it being pushed to the back of the queue!

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