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The relevance of today..20 Sept


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Wow it hit me today that it's the 20th September....not an important date in most peoples books but such an auspiscious date in my life....

20 Sept 1991 - My Grand Mother died

20 Sept 1996 - My hubby tracked me down via banking records and called me up out of the blue (we matric'd together in 1988)

20 Sept 1996 - That same evening I sold my townhouse that had been on the market for a while

20 Sept 1999 - My Daughter was conceived..I had been battling to fall pregnant and was charting. This was the day I ovulated

20 Sept 2001 - We flew to the USA on an amazing trip to DisneyWorld and to see my aunt...just after 9/11 though which was scary

20 Sept 2011 - decided on the 19th to appoint migrate2oz, signed paperwork on the 20th September - hassle free process even though we thought there might be issues.

20 Sept 2012 - House transferred into new owners, money paid into our accounts..we are officially free

So 20 September, you're a great day in my books.. Thanks!!!!

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Wow! Amazing...a bit freaky, but amazing! Congratulations on the sale of your house. Wishing you a smooth journey ahead.

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Hey with those stats I would play the lottery in Australia every year on 20 September. Comgrats on the sale of your house and good luck with the rest of your journey.

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I once read about what is called "secret anniversaries of the heart." Those dates that are ours to hold and reflect on.

September 20th seems like one of those for you.

Best wishes and wonderful news.....

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