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CIMA/GCMA qualification widely accepted?


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Hi there everyone,

I am currently doing CIMA and will eventually become GCMA qualified, which is equivalent to CPA?

I was wondering if CIMA has become acceptable as an international qualification? I've read somewhere that it is still very unknown in Australia... Even though it's a world apart from the easy study I did through UNISA, I'm confused as to the reputation it has. I've read that your CIMA is seen only as a diploma, which makes no sense as it is incredibly advanced.

It took a while to take off in SA, but now most finance people I know, are doing CIMA on top of their CA.

My question really relates to immigration points and employment in Australia. Will I be as highly sought after as what my prospects are here in SA after I've added CMA behind my name?

And then also, if most jobs in Accounting relates to Auditing? I've read on the NZ forum that most jobs available are in auditing? I'm really in Corporate Finance and have always worked outside of practice.

Thank you, Sara

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It's not necessarily equivalent to CPA depending on what you mean by equivalent and which jurisdiction you're referring to.

CIMA has from what I gather formed an alliance with AICPA (USA) to create / market a globally recognised management accounting qualification. I suspect this will benefit CMA's working in the United States more than anything as they now enjoy backing from AICPA. Prior to that CIMA enjoyed recognition in much of the civilised world anyway and particularly so in Europe.

CIMA also has a mutual recognition agreement with CPA Australia which means that members of either professional body can enjoy a fast track to membership of the other subject to certain conditions being met.

Once you've completed your CIMA studies and chalked up the necessary hours for admisson as an ACMA it would be worth your while to apply for recognition with CPA Australia. Australian employers are more familiar with the CPA designation it seems and CIMA will open that door for you.

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My wife did CIMA in the UK and is a management accountant in Australia. She has had no issues and hasn't had a need to convert to CPA as her employers have recognised her quals.

CIMA does seem to have a more global presence now than it did in the past.

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