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Adelaide - Public Transport to Unley Park


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Hi guys,

For those of you living in Adelaide, I wanted to get some advice in areas in terms of public transport.

My son has been accepted into Unley Primary. I think this had to do with the fact that my work will be based in Unley and I will be able to give him a lift to and from school every day.

There will be occasions that my son will need to reply on public transport, so we would like to have the option of him getting a bus.

I started looking at areas (in the west and south west) where you are able to get one bus to Unley Park, which are the following:

1: Dover Gardens - Bus 300 (60mins)

2: Flinders Park - Bus 100 (44mins)

Are there any other areas (in the west and south west) that you can recommend where one bus can be caught to Unley Park, preferably taking under 60mins?

As mentioned, public transport for my son is just a backup plan if for some reason i cannot take and fetch him from school.

Look forward to hearing from you.



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Hi Robbie, I suggest you go onto Facebook - there are a few Adelaide groups, they would be a good bet in helping you. South Africans in Adelaide, English speaking South Africans in Adelaide etc. When do you get here?

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Thanks VeraB.. joined those groups.

We arrive in Adelaide on the 23rd September, 13 days time... SUPER EXCITED :)

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