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What about your other half?


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We plan to move to Geraldton end of the year when the mountain of paperwork has been climbed. I'm going on a 457 sponsored visa (well, hopefully!) and my husband will be looking after the boys until he finds a job.

Does anybody know what are the regulations for the spouse or where can I look at guidelines? The immi.gov website doen't tell me much. I don't think he would like to be a stay at home dad for long.


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Hi there

Look at page 41 of this booklet, essentially there are no conditions on a secondary 457 visa holder,http://www.immi.gov.au/allforms/booklets/books9.pdf meaning they can work, however this is not always understood by prospective employers your husband might have. Anyway a potential employer can use VEVO http://www.immi.gov.au/managing-australias-borders/compliance/info-employers/evo-orgs.htm to check that there are no work conditions such as the 8107 the primary visa holder will have. Dependent on hubby's occupation, there may be mandatory licensing or registration requirements for his occupation.

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I am here on a 457, when i received my visa she got one as well, i have to work for the sponsoring company but she is free to work anywhere

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Just to expand on what Andrea has said - There are no work restrictions on the secondary applicants but some companies may be reluctant to employee them because it would mean that their employee's visa (and ability to work for them) is dependant on someone else's visa (ie yours).

This has not been an issue for us as a couple but perhaps others will comment whether or not this was a factor for them.

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