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Taking on the Trek...


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So many times in this past year I have asked myself: Is it okay for me as a Christian to want to pack up and leave my country of birth to go to a place where there is promises of safety, freedom and a better life? So many things keep us from going, that we start to believe God doesn't want this for us. Even our parents want to justify our staying here by dealing us the guilt card, and it is so sad that our loved ones (probably out of desperation for us to stay) do not want better things for us in life... we should stay here because God has a plan for us here in these very diffucult circumstances...

I do not agree! We were made to roam this planet. We were not made with a stamp on the bottoms of our feet reading "Made in South Africa". God created us - different to animals - with a sense of free will, in order for us to choose Him willingly (and not by instinct). In the same way He gave us a sense of exploring and searching for a better life. Does a herd of antilope not trek to where there is water in the dry season? I believe that in a dry season, God gives us the freedom to trek to where we know our most basic of needs would be met. But you need courage to take on a trek! You cannot go if the whole herd is not willing to go... you have to wait and listen out for the right time to go... be patient and then obedient. Some people choose a life of conviction and find comfort in being driven to their knees through outside afflictions. I choose to serve God with a sense of knowing that He knows what my heart's desires are - and will, in His time, grant me those desires if it will serve Him.

Many emotions are at play when we make this decision, but God gives us the strenth to carry it throuhg if it is within His Will for your life. And when He opens the door, nothing that anyone does can close it! We are just so conditioned for dissappointment that we do not recognise victory in our attempts to be free from whatever it is that holds us back from truely living!

Don't be affraid to ask God what you want. He is waiting so patiently for us to trust Him with our inner most desires and wishes. He created you with a sense for right and wrong and with a free will. Go out and let God lead you to where you belong...

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Hi jdb

Read your Bible again!!! Abraham, Ruth even the Israelites needed to move to a different country and it was God's will!! I had many a 'talk' with the MAN about why we needed to leave our country, our family, everything that we know to move to the unknown. :blush: It is 2 years later and yes we miss our friends, family and Africa but we are where He wants us to be. We are blessed with a beatiful church family (that helps with math survey,lol), our own house, to many cars and lots of oppertunities. :ilikeit: Hubby just came back from a 3 wk visit in SA and will not be going back.

You will find peace when you do the right thing

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Selle storie deurgemaak. Nog in SA, maar oppad Oz toe. We did the UK move for 8 years and then also had to think about our future. With respect - you also sound like the kind of christian I am/was in not wanting to disapoint God. On my journey through this, I found a God that wants the best for His kids. If it is in Oz, he is not going to let you down because of your choice!! If you earthly father will not necessarily do it, why would the perfect He?

The word says your family is your first priority, otherwise you cannot serve 100% in what he has for you to serve in because of neglecting them.Thus I believe, family first, then Jerusalem, then the rest of the world.Maybe you have a role to play in the lives of other SAcans or your new countrymen? Who knows - God loves all of us , no matter what country.

I grew up in a pastorie (with very precious family values) and had to free myself from this conviction mentality. I met a God who loves me without a red book full of tick marks, that base everything on grace and nothing more. One who loves you and wishes you to have the desires of your heart with your family following you.

Realise that God is love, and not prosecuting all!! Romans 8v28 - there is therefore no conviction for those who are in Christ Jesus, ...

Enjoy you life, sister!!!

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Jeremiah 29:11. "For I know the plans I have for you", declares the Lord, "plans to prosper you and not to harm you., plans to give you hope and a future".

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I guess you will all be confronted at some stage, or another, on whether it's God's will to leave South Africa.

Sometimes, it is God's will to stay put.

Other times God sends Abraham to settle in a new land, Ruth to leave her homeland with her Hebrew mother-in-law to become the great grand mother of King David, the Israelites to leave the land of bondage for the Promised Land . . . . even Joseph and Mary to flee with the newborn to Egypt.

The Bible is about God being with you, no matter where you trek.

The Voortrekkers learnt that on leaving the Cape in 1836. The Pilgrim Fathers learnt that in 1620 when they set sail from England to found a new land across the Atlantic Ocean. God saw them all through their times of hardship.

You have your own personal trek. Wherever that takes you, God will be there.

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