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.Net and Java developers.


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Dialog is again looking for .Net and Java developers. We provide visa sponsorship as well as a good salary and worlking conditions. If you have senior .Net and Java skills and would like to join the almost 40 South Afircan's already working for us please pm me with a copy of your resume.



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What's the average salary on offer?

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@GideonVD They are market related depending on skills and experience but remember that with 457 Visa's there is a minimum salary that companies need to pay people who they sponsor.

@Cranzy They are all in Brisbane

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Bumping.... :)

Still looking for Java developers. Will be in SA shortly to conduct interviews. If you are interested, please submit resumes asap.

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Hi Jonathan,

I've been trying to message you on this forum, but messages are being bounced. Perhaps you have too many? Please message me with any updates from Gregg?



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Trying to revive this thread.


Dialog still looking for .net Developers to sponsor?

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