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What do you say to someone who wants a sponsored job?


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Hey Guys,

I see a lot of posts here where people are trying to get into Australia, but who have skills who aren't in demand here. Most of the replies on the forum end with, "don't give up.. you could always be sponsored for a job!"

But in reality, we all know that a job posted online could receive hundreds of applications from foreigners. Then factor in how good recruitment agents are at filtering CVs. It must be near impossible to get a sponsored job through the www.

I skipped applying online, got my own visa and flew over. But I was wondering how many people actually got a sponsored job through the www? or did you get your sponsorship because you knew someone?


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I would venture that it would be very few and far between, and only if your profession was something very specialized.

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I did, and Rozellem is right, I work in a niche area of IT - everybody is old and dying and they NEED people, not many people, but still.

If we all died today, the banks and government would fold (maybe not immediately ;) )

It was the only job in my field that year and I got it.

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I got sponsored and had a choice of companies and cities (Very specialized IT role - Microsoft Dynamics NAV)

There are a lot of peeps on the forums who have been waiting years to get a visa, you always have the option of studying after hours to get into an industry that does get sponsored, go for an industry that has the largest number of spots so that there will still be places in a few years


Sylvester posted this as well

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