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Pieter en Lindie

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Hi All

First of all we are still in the process of moving to Au. I am a registered Naturopath (Dr of natural medicine) and would like to know how prevalent natural medicines realy are in Au. Are the peolple health oriented or is it much the same as in SA. I am thinking of starting up my own practice in Adelaide, but still need to do a lot of homework. Please if someone could help.



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Yes, people are quite alternative health orientated in Australia. You should see the holistic magazines they distribute at health stores for free. It's amazing and very interesting. Options, Nova, Everyday health and Living Now.

I find that people are very tolerant of alternative health options where this is something that was frowned upon for many years in SA and still is among some. People are more apt to visit a naturopath here. Australians have a good awareness of food allergies, -intolerances, -additives, the advantages of natural medicine, organic and vegan living, personal wellbeing, meditation, etc.

Regards, Sunflower

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Please look at www.healthylife.net.au

This is one of the most successful franchises in Australia and most have a resident naturopath.

Very often you will find a Naturopath in the same medical practice with the GP's.

I have found among my friends the naturopath is the first line of call.

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