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Technical Interview Questions?


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Hi all

I like to post these here as I have looked and did not find one.

I'm sure that I am not the only one here that has to do the Technical interview.

My Trade is Boilermaker but the Technical Interview is for Metal Fabricator (322311).

If there is any one out there that has done this interview before; please could you tell me what the questions was and what do I have to expect and look out for.

I do believe that we can use this link as well as a base of all technical Interview questions and answers to help the others like me.

I will be posting all of the questions and answers here after my Interview for the next person to have a better start than me at this point in the process.

Might I ask those that have finished their technical interviews (No matter what trade or skills) this year to put a summary of their interview here to help the next person?

Thank you and I will keep you all informed on mine.

Quote of the week:

"Never look down at some-one, unless you are helping them to get up."

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Ok, so the Technical interview was done today and was easier as expected.

As promised here is my experience and some of the questions for those who are going this route for the Boilermaker/Fabrication.

Arrived 6:30 at the addres as specified (Interview only 8:30). Well I believe in too early than too late.

It's JHB and traffic, so prepared myself.

It's a Skype interview with the Vertasses representative and a Trade qualified person over there.

You sit in a small office with the head set and the person on the other side explain how this will be and you get settled in.

The person come up and intruduce himself and all you have to do is show your passport to the camera so they can ensure you are the right person.

I will put as much info here as I can remember.

They asked about the welding principles...

How can you work safely?

What will you do to work safely?

They ask about to look at picture and ask what is wrong.

The picture show poeple working without machining guards and no ear protection and eye protection and such.

You must point everything out that is wrong and not safe.

Then they show a picture of welding...

You must tell what kind of welding that is.

You must point out the type of welding will you choose and why.

Then a picture of a fabricated part.

You must explain how you will do this to get it like that.(How to fabricate the part.)

They will show you pictures of all hand tools and you must explain what they are and what you do with them.

They will show you machines and you need to do the same.

There are questions about developing cones and hoppers and how you will go about to build them.

There are a lot of safety questions with each question.

Be aware that safety play a huge role in Boilermaking.(Boilermakers will agree).

For a Boilermaker the test should be easy and if there is any one going for their Technical Interview and want to ask more question...please feel free to ask.

I stressed for a week and when it was all done, I just had to smile.

Be calm, talk calmly (They are aware of the Boilermaker slang and the accent) and relax Boet. Its really not that bad.

Well that is my 10c of FREE information to all.

I will let you all know what the outcome is.

Mine was for the 457 but just have to pay $60 fter seuccess to change it to PR. (It's easier this way.)

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Ok after all that has been done, make sure that your IELTS scores are as high as you can get them.

I managed to score only a 60 mark and to my surprise I recieved an invite for a 189 Visa (Which I did not expect at all)

So get those EOI's in and lets get there and help to build.

Any more questions are welcome.

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Hi Guys,


I am waiting for my date, scouring the net to find info to prep myself.

Anyone been through Boilermakers Skills assessment lately or ever actually that 

can add more info?


Would be much appreciated.



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