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Hi Everyone

We, like most people here are trying to get to Oz. We are currently in Durban and can't wait to get going. At this stage i have recieved positive TRA and we submitted and paid for our 316 visa at the end of january 2007, so we have a very long wait. i am married with 2 kids aged 6 & 7 and hope to head for Perth,

Cheers Camper

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Welcome, Camper and family!!! :)

You and your family are adding to the growing number of people from KZN also on the move to Oz :ilikeit:

Hope you enjoy it here on the forum with all of us and may you gain answers to all your questions! If not, just ask. We are all here to help where we can! B)

Congrats with the positive TRA assessment and 136 application! ;) Yes, now the waiting game starts...but hang in there...it's worth it! Not that long to go - keep in mind that for Canada, the average processing time is now 3 years :blink:

It puts things into perspective... ;)

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hi daar

welcome to the forum! We hope to be at the same stage as you soon.

Hope the process goes smoothly for you.

We also hope to go to Perh/SW Oz or maybe Adelaide, but at the moment we fancy the south west.. have to try to go LCD... but just too expensive right now :ilikeit:

Good luck!


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