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Student in Perth


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Hi everyone!!

Next year I'm considering studying at ECU, and would like to ask what are the living expenses like in Perth. How much money would a student need to bring with them for a year in order to pay for rent, food transportation, electricity etc ? I was surfing the ECU website and it seemed to me that perhaps rent prices are out of date or cheap.



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If you are a student you have a student card from ECU you can get a student travel card that will cover travel on the buses/trains and ferries.With in the city there is a C.A.T Bus ( Free of Charge) to get you from one end to the other.

Check out the website at www.transperth.wa.gov.au

Regarding accommodation the ECU website is pretty much upto date. Also if you are going to share accommodation with other students it is pretty resonable. If you are going to rent an aprtment depending which ECU Campus you are at Joondalup or Mt Lawley

Joondalup is more expensive at about $280 upwards per week

Mt Lawley is very close to the city so depending on what kind of apartment )Smart or not so Smart)

$200.00 upwards.

Regarding food for a single person with for the basics ie fruit/veggies meat/milk /bread coffee etc between $70.00 to $100.00 per week. Or you can eat at the Fast Food Places fairly cheap.

But I suppose if you are studying you could supplement your income and get a part time job.

Good Luck

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