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Red Centre Trip - 2001

Guest Larry

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In 2001, my parents and and I travelled from Melbourne up to Ayers Rock via Adelaide, the Flinders Ranges, Coober Pedy and Alice Springs and then back via the Adelaide Hills, Mount Gambier and the Great Ocean Road. Fairly predictably, I took loads of piccies.

It has taken me until now to get them in some sort of order. They are here : Red Centre Pics.

Click on "Slideshow" for an automated playback.

We returned to Melbourne in the evening of 11 September 2001. - Just in time to see the second aircraft fly into the World Trade Centre. :(

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hi Larry

Thanks so much for the fantastic piccies.

I we would like to do this trip, but how long would we need?

Thanks again

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firstly thank you for taking the time to put all the photos on for us to see.... :angry: man it is beautiful.

The little towns are so cute, but the underground Hotel/Motel....stunning but so different, love it. And the grave, what can we say about that...so beautifully personal, not just another grave :):ilikeit:

and all the other little places...too many to mention.

Once again thank you it is stunning!



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We left on 28 August 2001 and returned on the fateful 11 September 2001 (9-11). - So it was about two weeks. We spent one hell of a lot of time in the car. The night before they arrived in Melbourne, my parents went to Eden Park in Auckland to watch the All Blacks play the Springbokke. It rained like hell and Dad picked up a bad cold. Two weeks prior to that my mother tripped and fell while hiking. - She broke her left arm very badly. And I was recovering from a heart attack. - So it was three old crocks doing the long trip through the Outback. :angry:

Dad's cold was showing signs of maybe turning into pneumonia. We took him into the hospital at Coober Pedy, where he was looked after by a Polish doctor who had worked in Botswana. We all made it to Alice Springs and Ayers Rock, but decided to cut the trip short and didn't get up to Darwin, which was our original aim.

The roads are good, but there can be as much as 350km between filling stations. - So make certain that your car is reliable and has a good touring range. From the time that you go past Port Augusta, don't pass a filling station without filling up.

But we had a great time! :)

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