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Shopping Centres in Sydney


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Can anybody tell me if there are some big shopping centres in Sydney? Like really big ones, not the local one with your Coles or Woolies and some shops. :D

Need some retail therapy and love some nice shopping centres. :P

Those from Cape Town. I loved Tygervalley and Canal Walk.


D :blush:

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I've just treated myself to some serious retail therapy at the gorgeous QVB (Queen Victoria Building) in the CBD. For girly shopping, it's great. 4 or 5 levels of heaven :blush:

Westfield centres are really huge as well. There is a massive one in Parramatta and another in Hornsby. Out in the Hills, there's Castle Towers which is absolutely gigantic. I haven't been to the shops you talk about in CT, but can liken Castle Towers to Cresta or Fourways Mall, but bigger for those from JHB.

Happy shopping!

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Hi Dedrei,

I agree with Ajay, Parramatta and QVB is worth a visit. QVB is not only for shopping but to appreciate the architecture of the building inside - it is stunning!

Another big one is Westfield in Chatswood and also the Chatswood Chase.

Going to Pitt Street Mall in the CBD with all it's shopping centres is a must do. There are many shopping centres in this mall like Centrepoint, MidCity Centre and Sky Garden (where the tower is). This you can combine with a visit to the Sydney Tower http://www.sydney.com.au/sydney_tower.htm .

This link will give you more info on Pitt Street Mall and other shopping centres in the CBD http://www.cityofsydney.nsw.gov.au/sydney-...re/default.html and this one, on other shopping centres in Sydney and surrounds http://www.truelocal.com.au/search.do?clic...ng=on&x=47&y=10

Remember, Thursday night is late night shopping and the Pitt Street Mall buzzes!! Enjoy your shopping spree!!


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Westfields at Miranda, Hurstville, East Gardens, & Bankstown are good, with foodmalls so many to choose from. Most have coles, woolworths, franklins and Aldi for groc. Big W,target, and KMart where you can get just about anything. Meyers for the more classy girls, But check out those label they might still be made in China. Lots of cloths, sports, mobile phone, beauty shops aswell.

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Hi Pofstert,

I'm in Sydney, so can't really assist you, but I've found this information by doing a Google Search. I suggest you post your question under the 'Communities' and 'Melbourne' section. I'm sure Mara or one of the other Melbournians will be happy to assist.


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The above mentioned shops are in every larger town all over OZ.

The above mentioned shops are in every larger town all over OZ. There are so many shopping centre in Sydney with Banks all over. It not just the centre bussiness district where there's shops. We have travelled a lot, even in the country towns there are 2 supermarkets, all banks, etc.

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What are the big ones called in Melbourne :ilikeit:

Hi Pofstert

There are plenty of large shopping centres in Melbourne - just to name a few:




ChadstoneWayverley Gardens

Knox City



Queen Victoria Markets

Melbourne Central Shopping Centre

Search for Shooping Centres




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Thanks Matman & SASydneysider :ilikeit:

Will go and check it out tonight on the net.



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