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Yadie: New Guy


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Hi all, hopefully I'll be winging my way across the oceans to the wonderful land of OZ.

My names Riyaad, all my friends call me Yadie ( Yaa Dee ) well, here's my story, I've been living in JHB for about 15 years, birth place is capetown. I've lost 3 very close friends due to crime here and was myself hijacked twice, and attempted hijacking 3 times. The last attempt though, shook me up so badly that I have decided that this is not the life I want to live anymore.Constant fear of being killed over a car, or cell phone.

Two weeks ago, family members and myself avoided disaster on the highway ( N1 south ) when 4 guys tried to hijack us, using rifles. Quick thinking and snappy driving saved the day.. The worst part was however reporting the incident to the local police..... their "so what, there's nothing we can do attitude" really bothered me to no avail. Already, there's a major disregard for law in SA and what makes matters worse is the attitude of the gov and police. I really dont feel safe anymore..

Well so thats my story, or atleast part of it. there is a love interest in Melbourne aswell :D . I consider the events and now love interests signs that its time to pack my bags and head on over.

Any help in the steps that I should be following with regards to getting in OZ will be greatly appreciated and hopefully 1 day, if Im accepted, we can all meet up for a braai. ;)

a little bit about me

27 years old


IT systems administrator

6 years within IT with all the relivant diploma's


no kids

thanking all of you in advance for any help or guidence.

Regards Yadie :ilikeit:

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Dear Yadie,

Welcome to the forum ;) and good luck with the whole immigration process!

Bye, Pippa! X

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Welcome, you've definately come to the right place! There's lots of people with loads of experience and advice to share.

Hop on board and enjoy the ride.


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Hi Yadie

Welcome! Hope your transition to Melbourne is smooth and swift! We have lived in Melbourne for 9 years and love it!

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Hi Yaa Dee.

Welcome to this forum. Good luck with your application. If you decide on the PR 136, you are in for a long wait. :whome: I hope all go well for you, I would have moved after the first hijacking. :blush: Wise decision. :whome:

On this forum you will get all the help you need.



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Hi all, and thank you so much for the warm response. :whome:

Im so excited on moving and starting a new and safe life in Australia. Alot of my friends here do not agree, calling it cowardly and telling that Im about the miss the 2010 world cup. I'd rather be alive, happy and safe,thousands of miles away from SA in 2010. Its going to be a criminals dream and tourist's nightmare.

Anyhoo, please tell me about Australia? I know thats a rather open ended question but Im leaving all my family and friends behind, Are Australians friendly? easy to get along with?

What weekend activities are there to do?

What are the cities like?

Has anyone dived the great barrier reef?

Sorry about all the questions guys, I really do have tonnes of them.. Wish me luck.

Warmest Regards


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Hi Yadie,

Welcome to the forum, you have come to the right place! To assist you in finding answers to all your questions, use the search control at the top right corner of your screen, type in the word/subject you're interested in and it will give you all the info you are looking for.

If you don't come right then just post again and I'm sure people in Oz will answer your questions. My husband and I are in the Cape and still in the process of applying. I have been on the forum for a few months now and have found all the answers to my many questions. The people are really friendly and very helpfull! :whome:

IT people are in demand that side (as far as I know) and you should be able to apply for 136 (Permanent Residence Visa). I think you need a 120 points for this one.

Go check out: www.seek.com.au





This will get you started. Let me know if you have any more questions and I will try and assist you. You are welcome to PM me as well.

Take care of yourself in Gansters paradise! :whome:


Helena G :blush:

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I suggest getting to know this http://www.immi.gov.au/ website like the back of your hand.

As for getting to Aus, as has been mentioned, the 2 most common ways of getting there are :

* 136 visa - gives you permanent residence, you can stay and work anywhere, need to get 120 points to qualify for this. This visa is about the best one but can take around a year to get.

* 457 visa - temporary work visa, if you can get a company in Aus to give you a job then this is an option. Its a nice quick way to get to Aus and once you are there you can apply for permanent residence etc. Another nice thing about this visa is that you are guaranteed a job when you get there.



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Thank you Helena and Gary, will definately be searching the web. and using the search function of this forum.

Is it difficult getting a 457 VISA? IS there a list of companies perhaps?

wow! a year to get a visa approved? I was under the impression that its a couple of months? Never the less I will not give up hope or on my dream of settling down down under. :)

Thank you again for all the advice and assistance you guys and gals have shown.

Anyone have an idea of the amount of saffers staying in OZ?

Keep well

Riyaad Hendricks.

BTW if anyone needs anything from SA please let me know, It will only be my pleasure in trying to source it and get it to you guys.

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