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Hi :)


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Hi everyone, :ilikeit:

I am new to this forum and would like to to say hi.


I am 23 (turning 24 end of july) and is currently in Pretoria (S.A)

I work at Ernst & Young(Johannesburg) and i am a developer - i develop financial systems mostly.

I develop in .NET, C++2005, VB2005, ASP.NET 2.0, Crystal, SQL Server 2005, Oracle. all those nice programs ;)

I want to move to Australia very badly (for about 3 years now) ..... but i don't have enough experience..

I went to a Consultant and she worked out that i need another +- 3 years experience before i would be eligable to come to australia :(

The other option i was told is to be transfered. So im organising with the Australian Branch of Ernst & Young if i can work there.. still waiting to hear ..

I hope i can find some help on this forum and look forward to all responses.



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Good luck Pierre and welcome to our little piece of the worldwideweb. Hope ou find loads of answers here.


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Hi Pierre ;)

Welcome here! Great to see so many new young people!

I'm sure you can go to Oz already. I'm not an immigration expert, but I had a look at your work experience/skills and the following came to mind:

Depending on whether you have formal tertiary qualifications, your skills (IT C++ and Oracle) seem to be on the Migration Occupations in Demand List (MODL) This means your occupation automatically gets 60 points and you can claim points for an 'occupation in demand'.

In addition, in Department of Immigration and Citizenship's (DIAC's) Booklet 6 (General Skilled Migration), paragraph 2 under 'Recent work experience' on page 8 clearly states that if you have a 60-points occupation, you need to have proven & paid work experience for (only) at least 12 months out of the 18 months immediately before applying.

Further, I did a quick points test for you (refer to pages 23 - 35 of Booklet 6) and the points you get (as far as I can see) are:

Skill: 60

Age: 30

English ability: 20 (I'm sure you'll pass IELTS with flying colours)

Recent work experience: 0 (because they require specific work experience for 3 out of the 4 years' immediately before you apply in order to claim points here)

Occupation in demand: 15 (You'll be able to add 5 more points here if you have an Oz job offer in your field)

Bonus: 5 (only if you have studied in Afrikaans at university/tertiary institution)

TOTAL: 130 :ilikeit:

You only need 120 points to apply for the Skilled Independent visa (subclass 136), which immediately gives you PR (permanent residence). This is the visa everybody wants as it offers the most security and benefits.

Should you be married or have a de facto partner with skills, you can claim 5 more points, which will bring you to 135 points!

Check it out for yourself...I don't want to get your hopes up for nothing or whatever, but as far as I can see, depending on whether you have a formal tertiary degree, you can definitely go NOW!

Liza :lol:

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Hi Pierre.

I am more or less in the same position as you. Kangaroo, thanks for the information, my only problem is that, apart from meeting the basic requirements and obtaining enough points, the ACS requires that we have a minimum of 4 years experience, so I think we might have some difficulties with the skills assessment?

Good luck Pierre, you're welcome to PM if you'd like to chat.

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Hi Pierre,

Welocme to the forum.

Unfortuanately you are right. The problem is not the points test, but the ACS skills assessment.


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Ag, thank you, JacoE for clarifying...and apologies Pierre and Wynand for getting it only halfway right! :rolleyes::)

I didn't realise that the four years work period was a specific requirement for successful ACS skills assessment. I'm in a totally different field and worked through a completely different skills assessment authority whose requirements are subsequently different.

Good luck!

Liza :)

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  • 1 year later...

I know it's been a long time but I figured I'll add something here to possibly help others in the future. I've since done my skills assessment through Engineers Australia as they did not require formal experience at such specific point in time - for this very reason I was not able to use ACS as assessment authority and thus not eligible to nominate the occupation for which I could've claimed MODL points.

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Ooops - I saw this was a very old post - and was about to welcome you to the forum...


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Hi Pierre

I understand your predicament I to am a developer, use the time while you are waiting to get those certifications like the MCTS (Replacement for MCAD/MCSD) if you have not already, they will count big time on your ACS Assessement.

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