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Well, looks like I started off the wrong way round by being on the FB site 1st! So please forgive if I'm not recognising you all yet! Also in the process of info gathering on the best way to immigrate to Aus. Hubby, myself & the 2 young kiddies. I want to go into Vet Nursing on that end, because of our farm experience. I currently run an Eco-Tourism Self-Catering cottage from our farm "DREAMLAND" (www.dreamlandpaternoster.co.za) We used to run a whole organic farming operation, but given South Africa's circumstances, it is not viable to continue with supply in an uneducated market. Hubby is seeking to fall back on his Trades: AME in Avionics & a Licensed 3-phase installation Electrician with Wiremans. We have vast combined engineering experience in the Plastics Injection & Blow- Moulding sectors, as well as Printing Industries. Any pointers appreciated! Thks! ;)

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