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Need a job, any job will do !


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Hi there !

My name is Cristel Roux,

Im a 30 year young divorced single mom of a son of 5 years, Phillip

I have 10 years experience as office Manager and 3 years Human Resources. No formal Qualification.

I have worked in die medical field, for radiologists and a general practitioner. I am currently Personal assistant to 4 directors, Office & HR Manager for Attorneys in Pretoria. A glorified job description : it essentially means I am your average Jack-of-all-trades, and master of none ! Name it I can do a bit of it. IT support, fixing office equipment and furniture, designing office stationery, etc !

I have been to Melbourne last year on a LSD trip (not the drugs :whome: ) and decided that I want to leave SA.

If there is any SA business ANYWHERE in Oz that might need a happy, friendly Afrikaans/English girl with a very good and helpful attitude, please PM me and I will send my CV to you. Im not set on any specific job, I'll work at Bunnings or Coles packing shelves !



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Hi Cristel,

You can try to register your interest for jobs in oz here on the government portals .











You can also try to send your resume to Sarah ,maybe they would be able to help you with a HR job ,but I can not say it will be definite . Just try : Sarah.Liebenau@Workpac.com

Good luck


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