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Peer Wiring Course Books To Borrow?

Die Krugers

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Hi Everyone

Well, it's off to Adelaide for my husband, who will be doing his wiring rules course next week. A guy from the forum said that hubby could borrow his books for the course, it costs R4000 to buy new! But we cannot seem to get hold of him, and hubby needs the books for his exam he's writing from 10-13 May. He said that we could borrow it, together with a few basic tools, like screwdrivers, etc. Without those things, he won't be able to write, and the course cost us R7000!

Please, if anyone did the course recently, please can hubby borrow the books and a few basic tools (I think it's screwdrivers and pliers) from you?

We are really stressing at the moment! Please can someone help!



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