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Best And Worse Things About Perth


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Best things about Perth

Its at the coast

Friendly, down-to-earth people

It’s got a Mediterranean climate (vaguely) similar to Cape Town

It’s a ‘manageable city’ - can get around quite quickly and traffic is not too bad

It’s closer and more accessible to South Africa

It’s the Aussie city most like South Africa / South African cities (the good not the bad)

It’s got everything you need - but in smaller 'doses' than Sydney, Brisbane & Melbourne

It’s close to Southeast Asian cities

Houses are more affordable than some Aus cities

One of the most liveable cities in the world

Worst things about Perth

It’s dry and very hot (and one will probably look 80 when you’re 60)

It’s far from other Aussie cities

Some neighbourhoods/areas are real ugly and boring

Highest burglary rate in Aus and can have some rough characters

Most expensive coffee in Aus

Generally not as green with less trees than other Aussie cities

Not a ‘world city’ in the true sense of the word

(Arguably) the most conservative South Africans move to Perth compared to other Aus capitals

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The good stuff is great. The bad stuff is negledgable.

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So glad Canberra chose us! :ilikeit:

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yes i would not call them worst things. More like minor nuisances :D

Not sure about the burglary rate, if you do a Google search Melbourne comes tops. :ph34r:

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