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Hi All

My wife and I are looking for employment in Australia. She has a total of 17 years working experience in accounts with a Bookkeeping and Financial management diploma. I have 20 IT/Plant Automation/RFID experience with an Advanced Project Management diploma. All my Microsoft certifications have lapsed though.

If you or anyone you know require these skills and have job opportunities please keep us in mind we would greatly appreciate it.

We have thought of going the route of going through immigration process but time and finances do not allow. On top of this we are fed up and just want to get out, we have had it here (long story).

Also thanks to Nilo for your assistance.

Steve & Yolande


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Hi S&Y,

I dont want to dash your hopes, but do take the time to read the story below, of a family that despite having PR (the holy grail of Aussie visas) could not find employment from RSA. So, then you understand that looking for work from RSA without a visa will be in the ball park of winning the Lotto. Unless you two have skills that is impossible to find inside Australia. Do rethink you visa route, check if you are eligible for a visa the old fashioned way and start the process. If you in the mean time, by a absolute miracle, get a sponsorship by a Aussie employer, then hallelujah, you have made it. But since you are serious about leaving RSA, please dont put all your eggs in the employer sponsorship basket, as you might still be sitting in RSA in 5 years time. Speak to Stephen Dickson or Ajay (migration agents) on the forum for a idea of your chances and perhaps have a rethink of strategy. Good luck in your journey. And by the way, reading this forum like crazy will only help immensely.

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So, then you understand that looking for work from RSA without a visa will be in the ball park of winning the Lotto.

S&Y, permanent residence can be a gut renching issue. I know you think your situation is bad; but for every South African who is "fed up" with the country, there are probably dozens of people who are in far worse situations who can't get a visa.

I spoke to an employer in Australia... he told me that sponsoring a foreigner can cost considerably more than hiring a local person. Add to that, it can take 6 months for the visa to be approved. Thats why most companies won't even consider it.

Australians are not against foreigners, its the practicalities that are a problem. Think about it, would you take on twice your work load for months on end so a Zimbabwian can get a decent job in RSA? Miss your kid's birthday while you are working unpaid overtime a Saturday?

But having said all of that, I think I saw someone on here get a sponsorship after posting a message. It turned out an ex-pat working at a company in Aus pulled some strings. So I can't blame you for taking a shot in the dark.


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Go the visa route that gives you the right to live and work in Oz permanently!!!!

Whilst a sponsorship sounds good a quick way into Oz if it is not a permanent visa sponsorship, the employer is under no obligation to offer you a permanent contract once your initial contract is expired and that means needing to go down the visa route some years down the line when you are older (fewer points) and perhaps the visa requirements have changed. There are some dodgy employers out there who promise PR sponsorship after the person has completed their time on a 457 visa and then turn around and claim they cant justify it when the visa expires or you may find if economic downswing comes the employer has to reduce staff and the non-Australians may well be the first to be cut.

What you could do is check out companies where you have worked previously who have a presence in Australia and see if perhaps they would be interested in your skills given that you have experience with them and the way they work. Perhaps also make contact with employment agencies in Oz who could advise if there are any other skills you would get in the meantime to make you more suitable for the Oz market (easier to train in South Africa and pay in Rands rather than be paying in Oz dollars with South African rands as you are unable to get work). Also go and meet with a migration agent to find out how much they will charge it may not be as much as you think and to confirm that your skills are at the right level for migration. Many people have also managed the whole process themselves so if you feel up for the challenge that is another way of saving some money. A lot of the costs are unavoidable whatever your visa, police clearance, new passports, flights etc.

Some visas are moving really quickly at the moment so it may not be as long a wait as you think.

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We went through Hitchcock and Associates got PR (took two years) used our pension money for tickets and arrived with only our suitcases 1 girl starting school one girl 1y4mths old and 32wks pregnant, but two years later won't change it for anything. When we landed here my husband got a job within a weeks time. I definetely think PR is the best way to go, but friends of ours whent to an expo and got somebody who sponsored them. Somebody I know usually sponsor IT personnel from SA, but told me it is getting a lot harder to sposor people and it takes now longer than a year ago.

Good luck!

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