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We Might Be Coming Over Earlier!


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Our circumstances are changing and we might be coming over earlier!

My work situation is a bit uncertain and I might have to look for temp employment after May.. Hubby and I spoke and we are going to try and arrange our things for us to leave by end of June or sometime in July.. And not September (like originally thought)

Temp jobs in our area pays horrible money :( Our kids will have to go into full time after school care and full day creche, which is going to be another huge upset for them (and cost us a small fortune). Our eldest will not be able to play sports or do any of the other activities as no one will be able to take care of this in the afternoon..

We moved in with my in-laws in January and it took the kids 8 full weeks to adjust.. :(

We will have to come with less money, but with the petrol hike and toll gate charges etc I can't see us gaining much in trying to "save" whilst I don't have a average paying job here..

There are great paying temp jobs further away from us, but this will be impossible for me to take at this stage..

We are applying for hubby's provident end of April, and hoping it will go quickly. Then we will pay the last bit of the container, book flights etc and leave asap..

Quite excited at this prospect!

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Ai Karina,

I am sooooo jelous (spelling is shocking) :blush: , wish we were you. But at the same time I am so happy for you guys hopefully we will follow later this year. :ilikeit:

Keep us posted please. ;)


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Excellent news!! Can't wait for you guys to come over and for us to finally meet - maybe your hubbie can convince my hubbie to stay!!!:(

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Wow Karina... things are really moving fast you you.

I wish you everything of the best and please keep us updated on the latest.

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Thanks guys!

@Tania - think I would feel more super excited if I wasn't worried about money :(

Short term rental prices really are ludicrous! I am trying to find or enquire about renting 2 rooms (or 1 big room) in a house for +-3wks till we secure a long term rental but so far we haven't been successful.. Most people want you to rent rooms for longer terms..

Will worry a bit more about that after our holiday..

@Nicci - Ek hoop ons kan hom convince! Dalk sal die bietjie extra morele support net die ding doen (en hopenlik geniet hy ook 'n lekker biertjie en goeie musiek!) Sal baie vinnig MOET kuier!! (sodra ons daar is) :ilikeit:

@Sai - thanks so much Sel xx

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