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My Last Post


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This will be my last post from the African Continent as we are leaving for Canberra on Thursday. :ilikeit:

Our container will be in Australia by Monday but still has to go through the customs process.

Got 1 or 2 interviews lined up - depends on availability from all stakeholders :whome:

We will be packing all our last stuff starting now-now and will set up base camp in Sydney on Friday.

After arriving in Canberra by Monday - we will be online again.

I hope to meet all of the Saffers in Canberra soon! :ilikeit:

Cheers for now

Elaine, Jean, Elmone and Jeandre



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Enjoy, and Farewell from Africa, this must be a very difficult time for you all knowing now that there is no turning back.

We will be thinking of you and anxiously awaiting your next and 1st post from OZ.



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Good luck! I hope all is smooth sailing from here on!

I cannot wait to hear everything after you landed!


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Wow Elaine, that is amazing. All the best and hopefully you settle in quickly. Maybe one day soon we will be able to meet up on ACT soil.

All the best


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Good Luck and Welcome to Canberra!Please PM me if I can help in any way! Louise

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Good luck Elaine and have a safe trip,,,,, live your dreams to the fullest :ilikeit: :ilikeit:

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Aw my fwend :(

Nou los jy ons al klaar . . . :ilikeit: YAY!!

SO bly vir jou! Weet jy kannie meer wag nie!

Veilige vlug, hoop dis sommer vinnig oor!

"See" you on the "other" side - the DOWN UNDER side! :D

Sterkte vir die deurmekaar spul die eerste paar dae, en ek glo jy gaan sommer blitsig 'n werks aanbieding he! Praat gou weer xxxxx

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