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My Son Starting Pre-school In May This Year


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Hi All

We are currently in SA and will be making our move to Aus on 22 April this year.

My son is still in Nursery school here in SA (he's 4-years old - turns 5 in June) and will have to start Pre-school in Aus once we get there.

Will we need a Reference letter from his current Nursery when he starts Pre-shcool?

Thanks - I'll appreciate the feedback


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Hi Illanah,

It depends which part of Australia you go to. Different areas start school with differing cut off dates. They are quite strict about the cut offs.

In NSW, Kindy which is the equivalent of Grade R in SA starts if the child turns 5 before either the 30 June or 31st July but in private schools I think that it is 30 April. Sometimes if teh child is very near the cut off (such as your son) they might advise you to wait until the next year to start Kindy because unlike SA the work they do is formulated into subjects (Reading, Writing, maths, LOTE - language other than English, Maths and HSIE Human science and the environment) and they pretty much learn to read and write from the first day. The school day is also much longer so it might be a bit stressful for your child if they are not used to going to school from about 9 -3:30. If your son is not a reader or writer than he might struggle to catch up if he is only coming in April and he will probably be the youngest in the class. Rest assured that many people hold their kids back the year and so he won't be the oldest in the class if you do decide to follow this route.

Pre-school which in NSW is the year before Kindy is when they do letterland and learn cutting and basic maths(so more like SA Grade R)

It becomes more confusing because in other states such as Victoria I believe, the names are reversed and so Kindy is the year before Pre-school and the cut offs can be anywhere from March to July.

As to costs, government school covers Kindy (NSW)and up so the year before that will mean paying fees. It once again depends where and how often you decide to send them as to cost.

Good Luck, if you are going to go to a public school, you will get the best advice from them once you arrive. IF you are in their zone, they have to take you. Apply from SA if you are going the preschool route first, they get full very quickly. Check out the Myschool website for a rough idea of the type of school, neighbourhood and general academic performance.

Best of Luck with your move.

- edited to add: a reference might be a good idea but is not critical.


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Hi illanah,

I don't believe your son will need a reference letter but it won't hurt. Get references for anything and everything you can. Most you will never need but the odd one might help you.

All the best


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