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Hi All,

For those of you who are waiting for you furniture to arrive or if you are wanting furniture, on a thursday there is a newspaper that comes out on a Thursday called the quokka. the first page is stuff for free. You just phone the number listed and arragne to collect it.

I am waiting for my furniture to arrive but have moved into my house so its a great help.

There is also a for sale section and you can get nearly everything for a resonable price.

I have found it to be a great help and have managed to get a lot of stuff for free. It may not look new but to get you through while you wait for your furniture it does the trick.

Also look at the op shops, I got a patio table, 6 chairs and a coffee table for $35!

There is also a recycling centre off erindale road and they have everything and its really a good deal!

Hope this helps someone

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Also dont forget the hard waste collection when people put their unwanted furniture etc onto the pavement to be collected by the council. Free for the taking and so what if it isnt your style you can pass it one when your container arrives.

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