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Moving To Perth


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We are located in Cape Town. My husband is working on oil rig, currently in Singapore but will start in sea in Australia in few months. We are planning on going to Perth in December and January and see what Perth is all about as we want to go and live there next year. Anyone have advise for me as whether we have to apply for holiday visa first or do we start the visa application for emigration from the start?? Please, I don't know the way forward.

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Since it is so far ahead maybe you can start with your applications. You should definitely get a Migration Agent, they can advise you step by step and they keep abreast of all the changes in rules.

I believe there are some on the forum, and I was very happy with my migration agent. If you would like his details, just message me.

I am currently visiting Perth, loving it! I am due back full time in June to start my studies. Starting off as a student.

All the best, and hopefully see you soon in Perth :ilikeit:


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Hi lnovella

I suppose whether you do your application first or whether you would visit first depends on how far you have managed to make your decision to emigrate. If you are still at the 'we are thinking about emigrating but are not too sure yet' stage or you have decided to emigrate but not sure if its going to be to Australia, I would first visit and then based on that visit make a decision. If however you have decided to emigrate but its just a matter of deciding which city in Australia then I would make the application now.

I am obviously not sure about your knowledge and skills, but it is in fact possible to do your own research and submit an application without a migration agent. I found the agents to be too expensive and I thought I could do my visa myself - it just need a lot of reading/research, asking questions on this forum etc and then do it yourself. It depends on your willingness to put effort in - but also dont let people scare you into how complex it is - its not rocket science either. The most difficult thing is (i) to decide to emigrate and where to; followed by (ii) to decide which visa to go for. The actual application in terms of a particular visa is easy - you just follow the checklist on the application form for that particular visa step-by-step. If however you have a difficult case - for instance you are not represented on the skills list, or you have a criminal record, or you are older than 45 etc., then I would rather get an agent.

About perth, I posted this on this forum which may help you:

Best things about Perth

Its at the coast

Friendly, down-to-earth people

Its got a Mediterranean climate (vaguely) similar to Cape Town

Its a manageable city - can get around quite quickly and traffic is not too bad

Its closer and more accessible to South Africa

Its the Aussie city most like South Africa / South African cities (the good not the bad)

Its got everything you need - but in smaller 'doses' than Sydney, Brisbane & Melbourne

Its close to Southeast Asian cities

Houses are more affordable than some Aus cities

One of the most liveable cities in the world

Worst things about Perth

Its dry and very hot (and one will probably look 80 when youre 60)

Its far from other Aussie cities

Some neighbourhoods/areas are real ugly and boring

Highest burglary rate in Aus and can have some rough characters

Most expensive coffee in Aus

Generally not as green with less trees than other Aussie cities

Not a world city in the true sense of the word

(Arguably) the most conservative South Africans move to Perth compared to other Aus capitals

Australia is great and moving here was the best thing weve ever done!



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