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Cleaning The Shower Doors


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HI there

I read before about what to use to clean off the old water makrs on the glass shower door, but I can't find it now.

Any help? it's not the ongoing that is the problem, but rather to clean stubborn old water marks. In SA, we had a window cleaning service (we had a glass house at the sea) and she could get the lime from the borehole water off the windows..... it was remarkable...

Thanks guys, hope someone can remember the details.


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For a serious chemical solution, Spot X from Bunnings. Otherwise there is a non chemical solution which is a Norwex product. Its more expensive but completely safe, u dnt even need gloves. You can order the Norwex product and get prices from me( send a mail to my inbox).

Hope this helps :-)



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Was it this post you were looking for?

I swear by SpotX it is fantastic! It is NON TOXIC and NON CORROSIVE. You can either buy it at bunnings or online here http://www.handihome.com.au/spot-x_cleaner.htm

Here is their website


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For me nothing cleans glass and and windows better than methylated spirits!! :ilikeit:

PLUS it smells really good :wacko:

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Good old white vinegar, half a cup in half a bucket of warm water - no more scale

Use it to mop floors - no streaks

Boil it in your kettle to get rid of all stains - just half fill kettle add about 3tblsp it froths up so do not fill and let stand for a bit

You can even add it to you washing in the softner to get oil and grease and old perfume out and it will clean the scale in your washing machine at the same time

Cheap and always on the shelf


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