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Overseas Holiday From Perth - Any Suggestions?


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I'm wondering if anyone has any suggestions for us please. We want to go on a holiday for 8 nights departing Easter Monday/Anzac Day. We would love to go to one of the Asian countries like Bali, Phuket, Singapore, Vietnam, Hong Kong etc. Departing from Perth makes these type of destinations cheaper than holidaying in the Eastern States for us Sandgropers.

Bali is my first preference but we have been warned that taking a 4 year old and a 18 month old is not advisable considering the decease risk of Legionairres and Ganges Fever (spelling???).

We can get a 8 night stay in Phuket for the 4 of us with flights, 4 star accomodation, hotel-airport transfers, breakfast for $3300.

We are also considering one of the P & O Cruises but the dates dont really work for us as we bound to school holiday times.

We not really flush with money so budget is the order of the day.

Does anyone have suggestions for where to go? Also would you take small children to these places? Is it just me that has an irrational fear or are places like Thailand safe for children (kidnappings etc)?

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Irrational fear? If so, then you and have something in common. I am the queen of irrational fear. I am paranoid about the safety of my children. I do not allow the to drive in a car with anyone. they may not have sleepovers at other children (fortunately they are still relatively small). When we are at the beach both hubby and I never seem to relax, we are constantly watching where they are, if they are ok, afraid they might drown, get kidnapped etc etc.

being a parent is a constant worry. And yes, I agree with you, the kidnapping of children is horrifying, its unfortunately true, it does happen, and this is probably one of my biggest fears.

just keep a constant eye on them. I would NEVER leave them in the care of so-called child minders when Im on holiday. As long as you have them with you, they are safe.

My dad was in Phuket recently and he loved it. One of the very strange things he saw was a man from one of the banks refilling a auto-teller with cash. But unlike in SA where there are 3 guards with machine guns standing around, this guy was alone, he had stacks and stacks of money all around him on the floor. Literally. then he opened the machine, and started packing the money in the machine. Alone. No-one bothered him, tried to steal the money, robbed him, killed him or anything!

strange world... :)

good luck with the choices, I am envious....it sounds fantastic

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I can speak for Bali and Phuket - if you have kids that young I would stay away from Bali (my personal opinion because of the health risks) Phuket is wonderful, you will enjoy it as a family. Also VERY CHEAP, cheaper than Bali! ;-)

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Oh yeah, sorry - Singapore is also outstanding but bit more exspensive than the other two mentioned. Also loads to do!

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